About Best Liberal Arts Colleges

Best-Liberal-Arts-CollegesBest Liberal Arts Colleges is a site dedicated to providing students with the data they need to make informed decisions about enrolling in a liberal arts college. Students can use this website to view rankings of liberal arts colleges throughout the nation, based on factors including tuition costs, online availability, financial aid opportunities and degrees offered. Best Liberal Arts Colleges’ rankings also provide students with information on the educational value of each college and the amount of research output produced by different programs.

The site also ranks colleges according to their geographic areas, so that students who want to attend college close to home or in a particular area can find quality schools in their preferred locations. A student from Iowa, for instance, might be interested in figuring out which liberal arts school in the Midwest offered the most one-on-one support. The site also reviews colleges based on their rates of enrollment, retention and graduation and professor reputations.

In addition to providing students with detailed college rankings, Best Liberal Arts Colleges features articles that can help students prepare for life after college. It spotlights information about high-paying jobs held by liberal arts graduates. It also boasts articles that may be of interest to those pursuing liberal arts degrees, including features on U.S. history, impressionist art and art history.

Interesting Facts about Liberal Arts Degrees

  • The rate of employment for those who hold liberal arts degrees has increased over time. So have earnings for liberal arts degree holders.
  • Many entry-level jobs require applicants to hold college degrees, but they are not always particular about what kind of degree applicants have. A liberal arts degree will qualify applicants for many of these and may indicate to an employer that an applicant has certain problem-solving skills which colleges generally train students in.
  • Those who hold liberal arts degrees work in a variety of industries, including social assistance, graphic arts, retail trade and education.

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