Best Liberal Arts Colleges in New England

Best Liberal Arts Colleges in New EnglandThe majority of students who choose to attend one of the Best Liberal Arts Colleges in New England are searching for broad, undergraduate-centered coursework that focuses on giving each individual student a well-rounded liberal arts education. The types of degrees earned at liberal arts colleges are usually in the areas of English, biology, humanities, the arts, and physical sciences, among others.

Details of Best Liberal Arts Colleges in New England

The area of New England is comprised of six states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. This region holds a large amount of historical significance, as one of the first North American English settlements was located in modern Massachusetts. Liberal arts colleges in the New England region also have a long history, as the New England states are among the oldest in the nation. You will discover that there are an abundance of schools to choose from as you are doing your research on the Best Liberal Arts Colleges in New England; however, only the top five liberal arts colleges in the New England area will be discussed here.

Williams College

Located in Williamstown, Massachusetts, this school consistently ranks in the top five on many “best of the best” lists. Williams College is respected for its Oxford-style method of teaching and small class sizes, along with its focus on three academic branches for undergraduates: social sciences, humanities, and sciences. Offering thirty-three majors in total, Williams College retains a unique and traditional teaching style that has caused many top students from all across the country to flock to its doors. Williams College’s admittance process involves many factors, including academics, extracurricular activities, and the overall character of the student. It only accepts approximately 20 percent of applicants each year, however, and the competition is known to be cutthroat. The school’s tuition is slightly more than $40,000 annually. Williams College offers financial aid to 100% of students with demonstrated need.

Amherst College

This college is also located in Massachusetts, in the rural town of Amherst. Similar to most liberal arts colleges, Amherst College has a small student body and a typical annual tuition of approximately $44,000. Amherst has a number of unique qualities, including its membership as part of the Five College Consortium and its reputation as “the singing college” for its numerous musical student groups. Amherst College has an acceptance rate of 13 percent, and approximately 61 percent of its undergraduates receive financial aid. It offers bachelor degrees in 33 academic areas, and its reputation for excellence is generally agreed upon by most educational experts.

Wesleyan University

Located in Middletown, Connecticut, Wesleyan University is the third college on this list. It is similar to most other liberal arts colleges in its small class sizes and tuition rate.  With a $45,000 annual tuition, Wesleyan University guarantees adequate financial aid for its students in need, along with a quality education. The university is well-respected in the academic community and has many unique qualities, including its high amount of student organizations and secret societies, as well as its dedication to a thorough liberal arts education.

Smith College

This Northampton, Massachusetts school is one of the best liberal arts colleges in the country. Founded in 1871, Smith College has a long history of academic excellence. It is a female-only school, and students live in group houses rather than dormitories, in order to foster a better learning environment. Smith has an acceptance rate of approximately 45 percent and an annual tuition of $41,460, fully meeting the financial aid for its students in need. Smith College’s numerous student organizations, such as botany group Bad Seeds, speaks to its dedication as a place of both learning and socializing.

Bates College

This Maine school is located in the urban town of Lewiston and upholds an impressive reputation. Bates College was historically the very first coeducational college in the New England region, and it remains one of the most selective and well-respected colleges in the country. Its tuition is $44,300, with approximately 90 percent of the students having their need fully met. Bates has both dormitories and Victorian homes available for student housing, along with several other unique qualities. It is nationally known for its commitment to education for all students.